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SpaceX’s Crew Dragon has that ‘new car smell’ and flies ‘totally different’ than a NASA shuttle

When the hatch of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft opened up to let two NASA astronauts inside the International Space Station on Sunday (May 31), the astronaut who greeted them at the door got a strong whiff of “new car smell.” 

“In fact, there was a little bit of space smell in the vestibule,” or the entryway, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy told reporters from the space station Monday (June 1). “When we got that hatch open, you could tell it was a brand new vehicle, with smiley faces on the other side, [a] smiley face on mine — just as if you had bought a new car, the same kind of reaction. Wonderful to see my friends and wonderful to see a brand new vehicle.”

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