Star Trek streaming guide: Where to watch the Star Trek movies and TV shows online

With legacy shows, new debuts, and a baker’s dozen of movies, there’s plenty of Star Trek to watch and it’s all available online, but finding which streaming service has which shows can feel like hunting for a cloaked Bird of Prey. That’s why we’ve put together our Star Trek streaming guide to help you figure out where to watch the Star Trek movies and TV shows.

Given the plethora of streaming services available, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine one dedicated to all things Trek, but alas, one has yet to materialize. In absence of Star Trek+ (or whatever it would be called), it would then make sense for everything Trek to have a single home, but that’s not true, either. To stream the full Starfleet catalog, you’ll need several different subscriptions — or be willing to shell out the coin for rentals or purchases.

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