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Strict laws be ensured against rape incidents, says Shujaat

LAHORE – PML-Q’s president and former prime minister of Pakistan Ch Shujaat Hussain has stated that PM Imran Khan should have given the reference of famous ‘Pappu Case’ of Zia-ul-Haq’s era in which in a rape case setting aside all the things the culprit was publically hanged at Chowk Chuburji, so that the passers-by could get deterrence against any such incident. That’s the only solution of these types of cases.

In an interview, Ch Shujaat stated that the laws referred by PM Imran Khan should be legislated and promulgated. Both the houses should be convened at the earliest on this serious issue and strict laws should be ensured and passed by both houses of the Parliament. Ch Shujaat asked govt to consult UN and make such laws to safeguard people from such heinous incidents. Ch Shujaat while blaming Shahbaz Shareef stated that Shahbaz Shareef in his speech of in National Assembly just focused on construction of motorway. Instead, he should have talked about the motorway rape incident. 


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