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Strictly Come Dancing 2021: week six – live

It’s time for Spooky Come Dancing with an eclectic Halloween special, as Rose and Giovanni tango to Ed Sheeran’s Shivers, and John and Johannes quickstep to Bad Moon Rising

Shirley thought it was fabulous way to open the show, and John was light on his feet with some fabulous footwork. Anton thought John did a brilliant job as a leader, but he wanted more poise as a follower. Craig thought it could have been a bit cleaner and less repetitive, but he loved the attack. Motsi thought they gave it their best and their ballroom is improving.

Very much enjoying JoJo has be-quiffed werewolves, complete with ankle fog (DRINK). As expected this is an extremely complex and John is doing a sterling job. Some gapping and it gets a bit skippy in places, but a great finish out of hold and a very solid effort. Great start to the show.

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