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Strictly Come Dancing: week 10 Results – live


The timings for Strictly are being properly messed around with for the next couple of weeks (because of the football thing), so here’s confirmation of the dates and times for all the remaining shows. It’s a hot mess, so put them in your calendar!

Week 10 Results show – tomorrow 6pm

Week 11 Live show – FRIDAY 2ND DEC 8pm

Week 11 Results show – SATURDAY 3RD DEC 5.40pm

Week 12 Live Show – SUNDAY 11TH DEC 7.15pm

Week 12 Results Show – MONDAY 12TH DEC 8.15pm


Key events

Time for a musical interlude, courtesy of Tom Grennan performing his hit song ‘Lionheart’ with Joel Corry. Strictly has gone big on the uplifting bops this evening, and I’m definitely not complaining. If we can make it to Christmas without Ball and Boe or Andre Rieu and his Disney princess orchestra, that will feel like a win.

Dance-wise, it’s Vito and Karen, which is a coupling we never knew we needed.

So who is safely through to MUSICALS WEEK? Will and Nancy are safe, along with Hamza and Jowita.

First couple in the bottom two: FLEUR AND VITO. Eek, I pity whoever is up against them. If it’s Molly, that’s going to be one heck of a dance-off.

Tess’s and Claudia’s flares are both VAST. You could hide Gorka and Cameron up there.

Last night on Strictly: The post-Blackpool comedown. Highlights: The brevity of the whole affair, the snack table (thanks Helen, Matt, Newton and Adia), Motsi’s Bagpuss cosplay.

Lowlights: Vertigo CGI, mad judging, chaotic scoring, Tess dressed as an executive sieve.

Joy’s Judgement (aka what my mum thought): so many opinions, the message began with ‘WELL, I’m glad you asked.’

Basically not happy with Shirley and Motsi – Hamza didn’t deserve tens, but Molly was given a rough ride and so was Helen (including by ‘bitchy Craig’). Kind of wish I’d started this feature ten weeks ago, if I’m honest.

TESS AND CLAUDIA DRESS WATCH: Tess in tinfoil, Claudia still funereal. More on the bottom half later – I’m guessing more flares.

And we’re off! Tonight’s opening pro dance is to Lizzo’s ‘2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)’, which is a proper banger. All the black and white outfits are stripped off to reveal rainbow colours underneath, which is quite fabulous – particularly loving Giovanni as a sexy IKEA employee.

Well, that’s brightened up our Sunday.

I naively assumed that the reason Strictly had been bumped was because one of the home nations was playing, but I’ve just turned on the telly and it’s Croatia vs. Canada. Maybe the one after Strictly, then? Oh, that’s Germany vs. Spain. FFS, BBC.

ALSO, I’ve just seen that the Spain vs. Germany match doesn’t kick off until 7pm, so they’ve squashed and shifted Strictly to make room for a whole half hour of pointless preamble. SERIOUSLY WTAF. FEWMIN.


Evening all, and welcome back for this afternoon’s Strictly Results Show! It’s far too early for Strictly, but on the upside I’ve still got time to roast a chicken when this is all over. Every cloud and all that.

Tonight we’re waving goodbye to another Strictly couple, with the remaining five (plus Kym) going through to next week’s Musicals Special. Who will it be? The sensible money says Ellie and Johannes are out this evening, but this show lost its senses some time ago so who knows?

Kick off is at 6pm, and I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to the BBC for shoehorning their flagship entertainment show into a miniscule gap in the football. You’re really spoiling us.

See you tomorrow at 6pm!

So that’s it for tonight’s show! Just a reminder that tomorrow’s Results Show is randomly at 6pm – the BBC have generously gifted us a WHOLE HALF HOUR in between two rounds of football. Countryfile has been shoved over on to BBC 2 after Strictly, so I definitely won’t be along early to liveblog the pre-Strictly warmup. But I will be here before 6, so don’t be late! Thanks for joining in, and enjoy the rest of your Saturday! Hx

The dancing is done, and the voting is open!

How quickly did that go? I’ve barely warmed up. Let’s check out the leaderboard – Hamza and Jowita are at the top, and Ellie and Helen are currently in the dance-off danger zone. The voting is open, but if you’re undecided, here’s a quick reminder of tonight’s dances.

10/10 for Gorka’s trousers and velcro shirt buttons, 0/10 for the bonkers scoring. Favourites in Leamington Spa – Molly, Fleur, Helen.

Scores: 5, 8, 8,8 – a total of 29 for Helen and Gorka. OUCH.

Anton loved the energy and the shimmy, but Craig thought the hotel trolley had more body action – it was wooden and had no bounce. Motsi thought Helen’s weight was too far back, but it had the feeling of a Samba. Shirley loved the personality and self-belief, it was highly entertaining and Helen danced it well.

Helen looks amazing and thirsty Gorka’s got his chest out. All is well. God, I love the Samba, and this is VERY much my cup of tea.

I’m not really watching Helen if I’m honest, but the bits where I’m not transfixed by Gorka’s bum look fabulous. My dance of the night, don’t care about the technicalities. Having a little sofa dance.

Helen and Gorka Photograph: Guy Levy/PA

And finally tonight it’s Helen and Gorka!

This week they’re dancing the Samba to ’Eso Beso’, originally by Paul Anka but this is the Emma Bunton version. We’ve seen some brilliant Sambas this season – and earlier in the season I’d have been a bit worried about Helen letting her hair down for this. She’s come a very long way, confidence-wise – is she ready to give it Samba welly?

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