Sushmita Sen pens inspirational message for fans amid turbulent times

Sushmita Sen pens inspirational message for fans amid turbulent circumstances

Sushmita Sen has always been an active member of the Instagram community and ever since she went into quarantine with her boyfriend and daughters, she has been rather candid about her thoughts surrounding world events in an attempt to raise awareness and promote a feeling of safety and serenity.

In order to drive home an inspirational message, the actress took to her Instagram to post a message of encouragement to all those suffering due to current world events.

She asked for fans to “protect your peace” in whatever way possible and captioned it with a heartwarming note which read, “Look good, show good…be good..ALL THE TIME!! Projection becomes one’s life, both on & off screen. Insecurities grow with name & sometimes, bank balance.”

She added, “All these may be known triggers in an actors life…but it’s actually true about a lot of us from all different walks of life…only differing in magnitude & visibility!! Young people with so much life & promise ahead of them, some with great depth & will power…can choose to take their own life is deeply disturbing.”

She concluded by saying, “How do we say, we know people & still not see it coming? Have we become experts at hiding our pain or does no one have the time to really SEE it?”

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