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Suspect can be seen following Maulana Adil’s car in CCTV footage

A CCTV footage has been released that shows prominent religious scholar Maulana Adil’s car being followed by a man on a motorcycle wearing a black helmet .

He helped two other target killers gun him down when his vehicle stopped outside a shopping centre in Karachi’s Shah Faisal Colon area last night, Geo News reported Sunday.

The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) disclosed that the footage shows a suspect following Maulana Adil’s car. This was the same man, according to the CTD, who helped the two assailants escape after the assassination.

After following Maulana Adil’s car, the suspect then took a U-turn, returned to the vehicle and then helped the two assailants flee after they committed the murder.

Police have started the probe into Maulana Adil’s murder. The investigation revealed, according to CTD officials, that the religious scholar’s car was parked outside a sweet shop at Karachi’s Shah Faisal area when suspects on motorcycles opened fire on him.

Maulana Adil arrived at Darul-Uloom Korangi, where he offered his Asr prayers and left the place after Maghrib prayers at 7:20pm. At 7:36pm, his car stopped outside a sweet shop where he was murdered.

Both suspects who targeted him can be seen in the CCTV footage at 7:38pm and at 7:40pm, the suspects opened fire on his vehicle.

Police officials said that three persons including Maulana Adil, his driver and a man named Umair were present in the vehicle when the accused opened the fire.

It is not clear how the two persons. who fired upon Maulana Adil’s car. arrived at the spot. It cannot be said with certainty whether they came on their own motorcycles or arrived there through some other transport.

Maulana Adil’s car was chased from Darul Uloom Korangi: Police

Meanwhile, a meeting of senior officers has been convened under the chairmanship of Additional IG Karachi in which district police, CTD, and intelligence officers will participate.

Police officials said the meeting would decide whether to register the case with the CTD or the police station where the murder was committed.

According to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)s, only cases pertaining to police killings are registered in the CTD while other cases of targeted killings are registered in police stations. However, the investigation of other target killings are later transferred to the CTD.

Police also said that the five shells found at the scene have been handed over to the CTD, but the final proceedings will begin after contact with the family.

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