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Sweeney considers starting a Trenton think tank

“I can be right where I want to be, which is in the middle, and find solutions which will benefit the state,” he said.

Context: Sweeney, New Jersey’s most powerful lawmaker, lost in a stunning upset this month to Edward Durr, a little-known Republican who spent hardly any money on his campaign. The unexpected loss by Sweeney, a moderate Democrat from Gloucester County whose firm grip on his caucus allowed him to remain as leader of the upper house for a record 12 years, is one of the most seismic political events to hit Trenton in decades.

Swipe at progressives: Sweeney took a shot at progressive Democrats who celebrated his defeat, saying that he’s championed issues ranging from offshore wind to paid family leave.

“It’s kind of bizarre to cheer a Trump candidate, regardless of what they say about me,” he said. “Look at the body of work that I’ve done.”

Sweeney hasn’t ruled out another run for state Senate, and he reiterated that on Tuesday.

“I don’t know if I’m running again, I could run for Senate again, who knows,” he said.

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