Tabu weighs in on ‘bizarre’ experience of working in new normal

Tabu weighs in on ‘bizarre’ experience of working in new normal 

The starlet Tabu opened up on the odd disconnection between the reel and the real world as she sat for a candid chat.

For Tabu working in the new normal amid the pandemic is strange as she could observe the major differences clearly since she has been in the film industry for over decades now.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Tabu said, “In the new normal, there is a sense (of something strange). The regular Covid testing, and protocols have become like some extra things to keep in mind every time we step onto a step. But the fun, as well as the strange thing, is that there is no presence (mention) of the virus in the storyline of the films that we do.”

The Khufiya actress added, “The characters, at least of the projects that I am doing, don’t have anything to do with the pandemic, or what has happened (in the world) after the virus crisis. For instance, in the case of Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, we first started shooting for the film before the pandemic, and the story is also set in the pre-pandemic era.”

She further elaborated, “It becomes very dichotomous. But (on the same hand) when we are in that world on a film set, it is very easy to forget. So, in the beginning, it was a little strange and laborious to keep thinking about that. Now, we are all used to working like that.”

“A lot has changed when it comes to the language of entertainment, or the way we consume material. It has gone through a big change in India, in the past one year, especially during the pandemic” concluded Tabu.

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