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Tamil Nadu: Firefighters Rescue Labourer Buried 15 Feet Deep in Sand for Over an Hour

Last Updated: August 03, 2022, 23:54 IST

Firefighters rescued a labourer from a sand pit in Tamil Nadu. (Image: News18)

The incident took place when workers were building a concrete casing for a sewage tank at a house in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur district

Firefighters in Tamil Nadu managed to save a worker buried under 15 feet of sand for an hour and a half, close to Mallippatinam in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur district.

On August 1, the earth was dug up to 15 feet at a house for concrete casing for a sewage tank. Chithravel, 45, and four other members were involved in the work. He was removing sand from the pit and bringing it up with a basket after the soil had been mined. The sand above abruptly gave way and tumbled into the pit, while Chithravel fell and was buried.

The other workers started to clear the soil to rescue Chithravel and also alerted the Peravurani fire brigade at the same time. Five firefighters reached the location with the help of station officer Ramachandran from the fire and rescue operations department.

A tense crowd of onlookers gathered and stood there praying for the worker’s rescue. Firefighters took part in the effort to rescue Chithravel from being buried in the sand. After a struggle that lasted nearly an hour and a half, Chithravel was brought out alive. He received first aid as well and was later admitted to Peravurani Government Hospital for treatment.

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