Tell Us About Your Grocery Store’s Ethnic Aisle

Why do we still have the ethnic aisle in American grocery stores? According to a recent article by Priya Krishna, a Food reporter, the issue is complicated. While to many shoppers, it may seem excluding and antiquated, to others, it is a helpful place to find familiar ingredients or discover new ones.

We want to hear from shoppers around the country who frequent stores that have an ethnic or international food aisle.

Where is the international food sold in your store? How do you use this section? What does it look like? Is it helpful? Do you find it outdated?

In your recording, we’d like you to respond to these prompts:

  • What are your name, age and location?

  • How do you use the ethnic aisle in the grocery store?

  • Are there multiple places to find these ingredients, or just one?

  • Is the ethnic aisle a place for you to discover new ingredients?

  • Is the ethnic aisle a place for you to find ingredients you’re familiar with?

  • How do you feel about the ethnic aisle in American grocery stores?

When recording yourself, please:

  • Look into the lens when addressing the camera, using the selfie view on your phone.

  • Frame yourself from the chest up in the selfie video, leaving a little bit of room above your head.

  • Tap your face on the screen so the camera will focus and expose correctly.

  • Try to record your reaction in a place that’s quiet and where there is natural light.

  • Do not say or display the name of any specific stores.

We may feature your response in a video on NYT Cooking.

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