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The It List: ‘Unveiled: Surviving La Luz del Mundo’ uncovers sexual abuse that megachurch’s members stay they suffered, ‘Tetris Murders’ explores grisly death of Tetris co-developer and his family, ‘Barmageddon’ is Blake Shelton’s first onscreen project since his exit from ‘The Voice’ and all the best in pop culture the week of Dec. 5, 2022

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STREAM IT: Unveiled: Surviving La Luz Del Mundo uncovers a heartbreaking story

Produced by Alex Gibney, the award-winning director of Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief, Unveiled is a three-part docuseries about sexual abuse in the Christian megachurch of La Luz del Mundo, which was founded in Mexico but now also operates in the United States and dozens of other countries. In this exclusive clip, one of the brave former members included tearfully explains how the abuse she endured as a child has affected her, and the important reason she chose to speak out about it all this time later. The upsetting story first came to light in 2019, when the head of the church, Naasón Joaquín García, was arrested for sexually abusing girls from his congregation. He pleaded guilty in June, and was sentenced to 17 years in prison, although he continues to have followers. — Raechal Shewfelt

Unveiled: Surviving La Luz Del Mundo premieres Tuesday, Dec. 6 on HBO and HBO Max.

STREAM IT: The Tetris Murders explores a curious true crime case that may have had Russian Mafia ties

Making all the pieces fit isn’t just the key to the world’s most popular video game it’s also the mission statement behind your latest true crime addiction, The Tetris Murders. Premiering Dec. 5 on ID and Discovery+, the three-part docuseries explores the 1998 death of Vladimir Polkhilko, one of the Russian software wizards who transformed Tetris into a worldwide phenomenon. Found dead along with his family in their Palo Alto home, the case has long been considered a textbook example of murder-suicide. But The Tetris Murders challenges that conclusion, suggesting additional factors up to and including the involvement of the Russian Mafia. This exclusive clip outlines a portion of that theory, noting that Palo Alto is already home to a sizable Russian community who felt that Polkhilko’s death was actually a “Russian Mob hit,” as evidenced by the specific weapons used in the murders. — Ethan Alter

The Tetris Murders premieres Monday, Dec. 5 at 9 p.m. on ID and will stream the same day on Discovery+.

WATCH IT: Blake Shelton gets a fresh, um, shart on Barmageddon

As previewed on NBC’s The Voice last week, Blake Shelton and Carson Daly are moonlighting on the USA Network in a new game show taking place at the “The More I Drink” and “Sangria” country singer’s Nashville watering hole, Ole Red. Barmageddon, which is hosted by the WWE’s Nikki Bella while Daly tends bar, features celebrities competing against viral internet sensations in classic pub games like Keg Curling, Drunken Axe Hole and, most amusingly, Sharts (aka “Shelton Darts”). As the show’s catchphrase says, “On Barmageddon, hangovers disappear, but victory lasts forever” — as eight-time Voice winner Shelton ought to know! — Lyndsey Parker

Barmageddon premieres Monday, Dec. 5 at 9 p.m. on the USA Network.

WATCH IT: AOC rocks the mic in the political documentary To the End

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a political rock star, as evidenced by her influence in Democratic Party policy-setting; her huge social media following; and her dominant victory over her Republican rival in last month’s election cycle. In case you needed further evidence that she’s the voice of a generation, Rachel Lears’s new documentary, To the End, illustrates how she’s already inspired other young female political leaders to join her cause. Following its Sundance Film Festival premiere earlier this year, the four-years-in-the-making film follows AOC and three other prominent women of color as they try to rock the Washington D.C. establishment. This exclusive clip shows Ocasio-Cortez speaking some hard truths to a cheering crowd — and encouraging them to do their part to try for a better tomorrow. — E.A.

To the End premieres Friday, Dec. 9 in theaters.

WATCH IT: Broadway Rising depicts how the theater scene bounced back from its COVID shutdown

The show must go on… but not in the middle of a pandemic. In early 2020, Broadway went dark and silent as the first wave of COVID-19 crashed on New York City’s shores. And those midtown Manhattan theaters stayed closed for a full year, before finally flickering back to life in the fall of 2021. Director Amy Rice captures the theater industry’s long road back in Broadway Rising, which counts noted stage actors Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mitka on its producing team, and features fresh interviews with such Broadway stalwarts as Patti LuPone. “It was almost like the AIDS pandemic, where we didn’t know what it was,” the Tony-winner recalls in this exclusive clip from the film, which will have a one-night only Fathom Events showing on Dec. 5 before arriving on VOD later this month. — E.A.

Broadway Rising premieres Monday, Dec. 5 in theaters via Fathom Events.

STREAM IT: Learn about the life and times of Rocketeer comics legend, Dave Stevens, in a new doc

In the early 1980s, comic book artist, Dave Stevens, rocketed to mainstream attention with the debut of his signature creation, The Rocketeer — a jet-pack wearing hero later immortalized in a fan favorite Disney movie. But as delightful as that 1992 feature is, comic fans know that the Rocketeer’s best adventures are forever preserved in the funny pages, along with the rest of the late artist’s remarkable work. (Stevens died of leukemia in 2008.) The documentary, Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection, dives into his portfolio with commentary from some of his friends, collaborators and muses, who remember his constant drive for perfection and fascination with ’50s pin-up queen, Betty Page, who inspired a classic Rocketeer character and became a real-life friend for Stevens. This exclusive clip illustrates the exacting creative work that he poured into every page of The Rocketeer. — E.A.

Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection is available now on most Digital and On Demand services.

WATCH IT: What’s in the case? Pulp Fiction finally on 4K Ultra HD

(Image: Paramount Home Entertainment)

It appears whatever barriers there were to upgrading Quentin Tarantino’s early work to the new gold standard in home entertainment have been lifted. Just three weeks after Tarantino’s directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs, hit 4K Ultra HD, the writer-director’s magnum opus, 1994’s Pulp Fiction, follows suit (both films were originally distributed by Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax Films). Bonus features for the all-time crime classic’s new release, available in both standard and steelbook formats, include featurettes, deleted scenes and an enhanced trivia track. — Kevin Polowy.

Pulp Fiction releases Tuesday, Dec. 6 on 4K Ultra HD on Amazon.

STREAM IT: Liam Gallagher looks back, not in anger

In June 2022, Liam Gallagher triumphantly returned to England’s Knebworth Park, 26 years after the historic Knebworth gigs by his legendary former band, Oasis. The Britpop icon’s sold-out, two-night run in front of 170,000 fans was captured by director Toby L. from 20 different camera angles, and the result is Liam Gallagher Live: Knebworth 22 and the accompanying documentary Liam Gallagher: Knebworth 22. Oasis devotees will definitely, not maybe, want to watch both. — L.P.

Liam Gallagher Live: Knebworth 22 and Liam Gallagher: Knebworth 22 premiere Tuesday, Dec. 6 on Paramount+.

STREAM IT: Teen comedy The Most Beautiful Flower is a throwback to the ’90s — in the best way!

The irrepressibly sunny Mich dreams of being the most popular girl in school and living a life right out of Clueless, but the truth, as her friends remind her in the first episode, is that she’s never even been invited to a party at her high school in the Xochimilco borough of Mexico City. Still, actress Esmeralda Soto’s lovable Mich will not be deterred, and this 10 episode Spanish-language series, based on the teenage years of Mexican comedian Michelle Rodriguez (not the Fast and the Furious actress), documents her quest to prove to everyone that she’s not only someone who exists, but every bit as fabulous as she believes. All the tropes from your favorite ’90s teen movies are here, like an area in school where the less popular kids aren’t allowed to sit, mean girls (and guys!) and a hottie who needs some help when it comes to academics. Yet the show is happily unpredictable. It’s every bit as funny, awkward and heartbreaking as adolescence itself. — R.S.

The Most Beautiful Flower premieres Wednesday, Dec. 7 on Netflix.

WATCH IT: Double the Nicolas Cage, double our pleasure in Adaptation 4K release

Sony Home Entertainment

(Image: Sony Home Entertainment)

Nicolas Cage fandemonium may have hit an all-time peak this year with the release of the clever action-comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive of Talent, starring Cage as… Nicolas Cage. The actor’s been churning out bangers for 40 years now, and right near the top of that banger heap has to be Adaptation, the Spike Jonze-directed, Charlie Kaufman-scripted dark comedy that paired not one but two Nic Cages (as Charlie Kaufman and his brother Donald) with the actor who has as many Oscar nominations as Cage deserves IMHO, Meryl Streep (that would be 21). Adaptation celebrates its 20th anniversary this week with a 4K Ultra HD release featuring sublimely beautiful cover art and a host of extras. — K.P.

Adaptation releases Tuesday, Dec. 6 on 4K Ultra HD on Amazon.

WATCH IT: Get cozy for the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

First held in 1923, on the Ellipse in the U.S. capital’s President’s Park, this annual event stars celebrities, politicians and, yes, that irrefutable symbol of the holiday season, the national Christmas tree. LL Cool J hosts this year’s fete, which he also hosted last year. Shania Twain, Gloria Stefan, Andy Grammer, Joss Stone and the United States Marine Band are among those performing. While things have changed some since President Calvin Coolidge visited during Prohibition, but the commander in chief will still attend. President Biden will be accompanied by the first lady, Jill Biden. — R.S.

The National Christmas Tree Lighting: Celebrating 100 Years airs Sunday, Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

BUY IT: From Harry Potter to The Office, these Funko advent calendars are the reason for the season

Funko's line of pop culture advent calendars include Harry Potter and The Office. (Photo: Courtesy of Funko)

Funko’s line of pop culture advent calendars include Harry Potter and The Office. (Photo: Courtesy of Funko)

Counting down the days to Christmas is a lot more fun when you get gifts along the way. Enter Funko’s line of 2022 advent calendars, based on such beloved pop culture properties as Disney, Marvel and The Office. Behind each door is a special Pocket Pop vinyl figure that will keep you company as Santa warms up his sleigh for the big present drop. — E.A.

Funko‘s advent calendars are available on Amazon and Funko.

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