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‘The Last of Us’ had Jason Ritter as an undercover clicker in the wife episodes

Like a mushroom, the truth has finally come out. It looks like actor Jason Ritter made a silent cameo as a clicker (the nickname for those infected with the mutated cordyceps fungus) on HBO’s “The Last of Us.”

Ritter, known for shows Joan of Arcadia, The Event, Gravity Falls and Paternityhe appeared in both episodes that his wife, Melanie Lynskey, starred in. She played the role of Kathleen Coghlan, the leader of the Kansas City resistance.

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A bystander caught Ritter in The last of us Mini documentary behind the scenes. She joked that it was “Take Your Husband to Work Day,” to which Ritter answered, “Simply the best day ever.”

The Ritter/Lynskey team will next appear alongside in their Showtime series, Yellow jackets.

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