The Lifesaving Items That Doctors Always Bring On Vacation

My idea of travel preparedness doesn’t always take into account the many mishaps that could potentially occur when venturing away from home. Because of this, I often find myself scrambling to find items locally, all while cursing myself in the process. If this sounds like you, listen up, because we took a peek into the suitcases of doctors to see just what lifesaving items they keep on hand whenever they go on vacation.

This might go without saying, but according to Dr. Sterling N. Ransone Jr., president of the American Academy of Family Physicians and a full-time family physician in Deltaville, Virginia, having a really good grasp on your specific medical conditions or allergies and the medications needed to treat them is absolutely essential to vacationing safely. (The American Academy of Family Physicians does not endorse any products or services.)

“It’s important to include a one- to two-day day supply of medications taken for chronic conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure. Things happen. You never know when your luggage may be lost or stolen. A small supply in your first aid kit will relieve worry until your doctor’s office can arrange for a refill near you,” Ransone told HuffPost.

He said that this list can include things like epipens, inhalers, glucose kits or aids used to treat coronary issues.

Outside of the realm of medicine, Ransone also said that he packs copies of identifications, passports and health insurance cards for each person traveling. “You never know when you may need to seek care due to accident or illness. It’s also good to have extra copies on hand in case you fall victim to theft,” he said.

You can keep unpacking Ransone’s luggage in the list below, in addition to seeing the travel recommendations of a couple other physicians, too. (The AAFP doesn’t endorse specific products or services, so we’ve chosen products that align with Ransone’s advice.) This thorough yet travel-friendly lineup of products and gadgets takes into account every fall, scrape, sprain and cough that you might encounter whether you’re on the beaches of Tahiti or scaling the Rocky Mountains.

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