The Matrix Resurrections: Fans ask ‘where is Priyanka Chopra’ as she shares new poster of Keanu Reeves


Priyanka Chopra, The Matrix poster

Global star Priyanka Chopra shared the new poster of ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’, the fourth chapter of the ‘Matrix’ sci-fi film series. The poster features Keanu Reeves along with Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jonathan Groff. While Indian fans are excited for the film, they were intrigued by the fact that Priyanka did not feature in the poster. As soon as PeeCee shared the poster, fans shared their excitement for her next Hollywood project and asked where is she in the poster.

Sharing the poster, the actress wrote, ”Step back into the Matrix with this new sneak peek for The Matrix Resurrections. Get ready to watch it in theatres and on HBO Max this Christmas. #TheMatrix @thematrixmovie.” Here’s how fans reacted to the poster:

India Tv - Priyanka Chopra shares new Matrix poster


Priyanka Chopra shares new Matrix poster

India Tv - Priyanka Chopra shares new Matrix poster


Priyanka Chopra shares new Matrix poster

For the unversed, The Matrix Resurrection: featuring Keanu Reeves in the sci-fi action film can send an entire generation on a joyride of nostalgia. The fourth instalment of ‘The Matrix’ franchise follows the events 20 years after ‘The Matrix Revolutions’. Directed by Lana Wachowski, the film will be released on December 22.

Warner Bros released the first trailer of the anticipated film in the month of September this year. The trailer opens with a scene inside the office of a therapist, played by Neil Patrick Harris, who is talking to his client — Reeves’ Neo, now with long hair and a full beard. Neo is now Thomas, it seems, and once again struck inside the simulated reality, called the Matrix. And he has no idea how to deal with it, something similar to what happened to him in 1999’s “Matrix”.

“I had dreams that weren’t just dreams. Am I crazy?” he asks the therapist, who replies, “We don’t use that word in here. ” Thomas is shown to be heavily dependent on blue pills.

In the next scene, he has an interesting interaction with Carrie Anne Moss’ Trinity, who also seems to be equally lost in the Matrix. “Have we met?” she asks as Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” song plays in the background.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas also makes a brief appearance in the trailer as a mysterious who oddly smiles at Neo.

It is now also clear that Hollywood star Yahya Abdul Mateen II is somewhat playing a younger version of Morpheus, the famed character that was earlier portrayed by Lawrence Fishburne in the original trilogy.

He hands Thomas a red pill, synonymous with the franchise’s premise, and tells him that it’s “time to fly”. Soon the footage of Neo with powers, seeing The Matrix for the fake reality that it is, plays out.

The rest of the trailer is filled with some exciting action sequences as Neo is once again chased by the Agents of Matrix. There’s plentiful jumping, a lot of twists in midair, karate and acrobats that fans have come to expect from a “Matrix” movie.

Lana Wachowski, one half of the Wachowskis who directed all the three films in the franchise with sister Lilly, has penned and directed the new project.

Besides Reeves and Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith also returns for the fourth installment, while the newcomers include Jessica Henwick and Christina Ricci.

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