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The Minnesota House of Representatives passes a bill to help trans minors take refuge in the state

A bill to make Minnesota a sort of haven state for transgender youth passed the House of Representatives in the early hours of Friday morning, bucking a trend for states to clamp down on Transgender rights.

democrats having a trifecta in Minnesota, controlling the state House of Representatives, the Senate and the governor’s mansion, making full passage likely.

“To all those families in America who are scared and wondering where they can go for help, Minnesota says we see you, we love you and you belong here,” said State Rep. Leigh Finke (D), according to the minnesota reformer. Finke is herself transgender.

Governor Tim Walz already signed an executive order earlier this month preserving the right of LGBTQ people in the state to receive gender-affirming health care.

“We want all Minnesotans to grow up feeling safe, valued, protected, celebrated and free to exist as their authentic versions of themselves,” Walz said at the time. by Associated Press. “Protecting and supporting access to gender-affirming healthcare is essential to being a welcoming and supportive state.”

He statute it would simply provide stronger protections than the executive order. It would prevent state officials from having to comply with extradition requests, warrants or subpoenas from other states related to gender-affirming care provided in Minnesota.

Republican-controlled states across the country have been passing or considering laws to prevent minors from receiving such care; at least one state, Florida, also seeks gender-affirming care for adults.

Transition generally includes a social component and a medical component, although not all transgender people opt for any medical intervention.

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