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The Secret to Great Dating This Winter? Cut The Booze

Although Sober October is behind us, according to new research many UK singles will be staying sober this winter – but what does that mean for dating?

The exciting rush, heightened emotions and free flowing chat fuelled by a couple of pints can help a date feel a whole lot more fun – but the next day it can leave us wondering ‘was it really that great or was it just the beer goggles?’

The latest data from global dating app Inner Circle has revealed that almost half (47%) are pressing pause on the pints and 40% plan to permanently cut the dates they go on which revolve around drinking. Mocktail, anyone?

Less drinking might be fuelled even further by the rising cost of living – with experts claiming the cost of a pint could soar to £7 this winter.

But what else do singletons find appealing about dry dating? 56% believe a sober date means they can get to know their date better, and half say it allows them to fully be themselves.

A dry date also lends itself to more meaningful dates with better connections, as 55% of singles say it helps them meet like-minded people and cut out the time wasters.

However, in theory this doesn’t always play out as some singles are breaking their own dry dating rules when it comes to the first date, with 69% admitting to relying on Dutch courage when it comes to meeting someone for the first time.

It turns out that first date nerves are to blame for people breaking their promise to be sober while dating – 61% say they feel more confident and relaxed if they have a drink on a date, and two in five (39%) say they’d feel too nervous to go on a first date sober.

However, it’s a fine balance. Do you tend to drink too much on date one and make a fool of yourself? It just won’t won’t fly – embarrassing drunken antics are a dealbreaker for 62% of singles.

Despite social pressures and the go-to date initiation being ‘fancy grabbing a drink?’, the majority of people are understanding about someone suggesting a sober date. According to the data, more than half (56%) say they wouldn’t find it odd if someone didn’t tell them they were sober ahead of a date, and they’re up for open conversations.

Whether you opt for the sauce or not, own your decision and if you’re feeling uncomfortable, judged or the vibes are just off during a date, ditch it and move on.

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