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The Teen Mom star reveals her travel essentials as she prepares to travel to Thailand

TEEN mom Kailyn Lowry has revealed her travel essentials ahead of her trip to Thailand, including her smart safety hack.

The ex-mtv The star showed her followers her travel “must haves” as she prepares for her dream vacation and was told by one fan to “be so proud” of herself for her journey since she was 16 years old.

Kailyn Lowry heads to Thailand for a relaxing vacationCredit: Instagram/@kalilowry
Kailyn showed her followers her travel essentials for the big tripCredit: Instagram / Kailyn Lowry

The 31 year old He sat cross-legged on his bed while packed your essentials.

The first item he showed was a black flight sleep mask, which he bought on Amazon.

The eye mask has a 3D contour, an adjustable strap and breathable material.

she shared the Amazon link to the sleeping mask, currently being offered for $14.99.

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Kailyn’s The next essentials were a black leather passport and vaccination card holder.

Again, another Amazon bargain at 13 percent off at $12.99, coming in a variety of colors.

His safety hack and travel essential is an AirTag keychain that lets you attach the Apple AirTag to your suitcase to track your luggage.

Amazon sells them in packs of four in various colors for just $11.88 and advertises that they can be used to attach the Airtag to your dogs in case they’re lost or stolen.

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The keychains are waterproof and drop resistant and are made of elastic silicone.

For easy use, Kailyn showed off her travel hack for her sunglasses.

Another travel essential from Amazon was a four-pack of women’s beaded eyeglass chains.

For just $6.99, the adjustable chains ensure that you never lose your sunglasses again and that they no longer get caught in your hair when you hastily push them over your head.

She rated some packing cubes five stars out of five that help you organize your luggage and keep clothes separate.

He Teenage mother Star linked followers to the Amazon page where you can buy a set of six or eight packing cubes of various sizes.

Veken Suitcase Packing Cubes are available for $21.99 for six cubes or $24.99 for eight.

Kailyn also bought a handy weekly pill or vitamin organizer for her travels for $11.99.

The multicolored pillboxes have two sections for morning and night and fit in a comfortable cylindrical leather case.

She also bought a universal charger with multiple plugs for chargers, hairdressers, shavers, laptops, etc.

To capture all those special vacation moments both on land and in the water, Kailyn bought a waterproof GoPro HERO 11.

Lastly, she packed a cosmetic bag that has a separate zippered compartment at the bottom for brushes.

Kailyn told her followers that there will be a reel of cosmetic bag essentials that will include all the necessary skincare for visiting hot countries.

The Teen Mom star showed off a nifty travel security hack to keep track of special belongingsCredit: Instagram / Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn made all her purchases on Amazon so that all the followers can buy the productsCredit: Instagram / Kailyn Lowry

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