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There are dinosaurs on a new 50p coin

The Megalosaurus, the Iguanodon and the Hylaeosaurus get their own coins. (Credits: PA)

A range of 50p coins celebrating Britain’s contribution to the discovery of dinosaurs mark a new milestone for the Royal Mint, as they feature augmented reality technology.

The Dinosauria Collection’s Brilliant Uncirculated edition also use the latest colour printing techniques to vividly show the megalosaurus, iguanodon and hylaeosaurus.

Experts at the Natural History Museum worked in conjunction with the Royal Mint to bring the prehistoric creatures to life.

After receiving the coin, collectors can scan the packaging into the Royal Mint’s Activate app to unearth facts, clips and images.

Clare Maclennan, divisional director of commemorative coin at the Royal Mint said: ‘As one of the nation’s most loved tourist attractions remains closed, we are pleased to partner with the Natural History Museum to bring dinosaurs to life from the comfort of your home.

Scanning the coin with a smartphone app will reveal more about the creatures (Credits: PA)

‘It is the first time that The Royal Mint has combined augmented reality with a coin series as we continue to innovate and enrich the experience of coin collecting.

‘Simply by scanning the packaging our customers will be able to access exclusive content which celebrates Britain’s role in the discovery of dinosaurs, brings the animals to life through animation and explores the intricate details of each coin.’

It’s still only worth 50p, mind (Credits: PA)

The hylaeosaurus coin is the third and final in the Dinosauria Collection, which features three different dinosaurs.

Fossils from the three led British anatomist Sir Richard Owen, the founder of the Natural History Museum, to coin the term dinosauria in a paper in 1842.

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