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These Dating Kings Won’t Let A Royal Death Get In The Way Of Finding Their Queen

The Queen has died, but, for some men on the dating scene, there’s plenty more fish in the sea – at least when it comes to tapping up women on the internet.

Too soon? Not, quite predictably, in the alternate reality of online dating, where the men of Hinge, Tinder and Bumble are already surfing the waves of national mourning in an attempt to make their move.

Yep, Queenposting is a thing – and these dating kings are getting on it.

In fact, the posts started emerging as soon as rumours of the Queen’s deteriorating health circulated last week.

“What hospital are u in?? The news is saying the queen is dying??” read one, according to an incredulous TikTok clip that shared the punchy pickup line.

And once the sad news of the monarch’s death was confirmed, the soft bois began to make their own feelings known.

“When I heard the news this morning I thought they meant you,” wrote one wannabe suitor on Thursday.

“Damn I thought the queen had died, and yet here you are,” wrote another on Hinge – as shared by a Twitter user this week.

Meanwhile, one dating hopeful got even more eloquent, ambitiously hopping on potent debates around colonisation and the future of the monarchy as his own rather loaded metaphors for matters of the heart.

Guess he gets props for respecting boundaries when it comes to a reply. He might be waiting for a rather long time, though.

And while we can’t say it’s what the late Queen would have wanted, she certainly knew how to make a match that lasted.

Lewis Whyld via PA Wire/PA Images

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