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Theus Du Toit applies to private Afrikaans university after expulsion

Theuns du Toit, the Stellenbosch University student who was expelled from the institution earlier this year, has now applied to study at a private Afrikaans university in Centurion.

Du Toit found himself at the centre of a racial storm after he was filmed urinating on fellow student Babalo Ndwayana’s desk, including his books and laptop reportedly loaned from the university. The clip, captured by Ndwayana himself, made international news headlines and sparked outrage, with many labelling the first year student’s actions as racist.

He was briefly suspended, in the wake of the incident, but subsequently expelled from Stellenbosch University after being found guilty in a disciplinary process. The institution found that he contravened several of its disciplinary codes for students.


Akademia, the new university Theuns du Toit hopes will accept him, confirmed that he had indeed submitted an application, but the outcome isn’t known at this stage. According to Jacaranda News, the university could not disclose the status of his application, citing  legislation prohibiting the sharing of personal information without consent. 

“Du Toit indeed applied and that a proper process would be followed that would include interviews. There will also be discussions with Mr. Du Toit about possible conditions. The outcome of the process will determine his admission,” Akademia is quoted as having told the radio station in a statement.

Ndwayana’s father Mkuseli Kaduka had previously lambasted Du Toit’s family for not showing remorse and supported his son’s decision to press charges against the fellow student.

“Had the perpetrator and his famiy shown that they are remorseful, they would have long by now reached out to us as Babalo’s familly and yet nothing like that has happened. So I have been pushing for that to happen (criminal charges) so that they can understand the gravity of the situation,” Kaduka said.


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