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This Heatwave Hot Water Bottle Hack Is Doing The Rounds – With A Warning

You’re probably reading this right now absolutely baking. It’s the second day of extreme high temperatures in the UK and we’re all trying to find ways to cool ourselves down in the heatwave.

Which is why this hot water hack is doing the rounds. People are filling their trusty winter hot water bottles with cold water and putting them in the freezer.

It’s a useful hack for anyone who is struggling to sleep in hot temperatures, but give yourself time before bed to prepare as you’re advised to leave your hot water bottle in the freezer tray for at least a couple of hours to ensure that it’s ice cold.

However, some manufacturers are pointing out that it could also be a bit dangerous.

It turns out that frozen water can damage the material of many hot water bottles – meaning the next time you were to hot water to it, it could burst.

So, if you do want to use this hack, make sure to fill the hot water bottle to the middle rather than the top. Alternatively, if you have two hot water bottles in the cupboard, use one solely for cold water and the other for hot.

And remember to stay hydrated by drinking water too, not just cuddling it!

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