This International Space Station VR experience lets you explore the ISS… and it’s as amazing as it sounds

Think about what VR actually is. In the literal sense VR, of course, stands for ‘virtual reality’. Let’s examine that phrase for a moment, shall we? Without getting too philosophical, we can all agree on what reality is. But, it’s worth remembering that ‘virtual’ has a double meaning. While it means existing digitally, not physically, it also means ‘almost.’ ‘Nearly.’ ‘Very close.’ We promise this is going somewhere, and you’ve actually landed on and not

The idea of doing in an alternate ‘almost’ reality what you cannot in the real world is very appealing. That’s why people seek out VR headsets like the PlayStation VR or Oculus Quest 2. We’re not talking about things like soaring through the sky as a bird or going on an adventure on an alien planet with futuristic weapons (although VR does allow you to do these things). Rather, we’re thinking about things that you theoretically could do in the real world, but for various reasons may never get the chance to. Mountain climbing, visiting a rainforest, racing at extreme speeds, going into space – things like that. 

Virtual reality presents an opportunity to experience a wide range of otherwise unobtainable experiences quickly, easily, safely, and often for free. It’s not the real thing, of course, but it’s much closer than you could otherwise get.

Use the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset to explore the International Space Station in Mission: ISS. (Image credit: Oculus)

Space in VR

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