This Is How Makeup Counters Could Work In A Post-Corona World

Thinking about how we’ll operate in a post-corona world can boggle the brain. Living our lives forever at a distance doesn’t seem possible, but many experts in their fields are figuring out how the things we take for granted could work.

Take makeup and in-store makeup counters, in particular. Testing a new eyeshadow; dipping your finger in and out of a face or lip palette to swipe different colours across the back of your hand; getting a full in-store makeover to see how a brand looks on you (or because you’ve got a fancy event that evening). They’re all part of the fun – but also a total germ-fest.

As early as March, makeup counters across the world rapidly changed their ways. One Jo Malone counter in the US told customers it had moved to a “touch-free beauty experience”. Is this the future face of make-up buying?

Joyce Connor, a professional makeup artist, tells HuffPost UK that even before UK lockdown, many makeup counters had removed their testers.

“I think this will be ongoing coming out of lockdown,” she says. “I personally never swatch testers on my face. You never know how many people have put their fingers into the products.”

The Cosmetic Toiletry & Perfumery Association (CTPA), which represents companies involved in making, supplying and selling cosmetics, says it’s working with counter staff to provide new guidance on makeup testers.

This will include a phased approach to the re-introduction of counter services, with sellers encouraged to embrace different, safer approaches to ensure shoppers don’t miss out, it says.

Connor predicts that sales assistants may swatch products on to customers using disposable applicators and that small samples could see a resurgence in popularity – despite the recent push against both in the fight against plastic.

“People may be able to ask at stores for guidance and take the samples to test at home,” she says, adding that these could be “more acceptable” for those worried about hygiene, even if it doesn’t answer environmental concerns.

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