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Thousands of subreddits plan to go dark over Reddit API changes

More than 100 subreddits have gone dark and thousands more plan to do so in the wake of upcoming changes to the application programming interface (API) on the Reddit social discussion platform.

According to Reddark, which is tracking the Reddit protests, the protests are taking place over API changes that will force the shutdown of many third-party apps, such as Apollo.

Earlier, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session to discuss the platform’s controversial API changes, confirming that Reddit doesn’t plan to revive its upcoming API pricing changes that have caused it to crash. several developers announce that they will close their applications. .

In the session, Huffman continued his allegations against Apollo, calling the developer, Christian Selig (the developer of the Apollo app), “behavior and communications” as “all over the place” and saying he couldn’t see Reddit working with the developer. even more so, reported TechCrunch.

Selig was one of the first to point out that Reddit’s new API price would make it impossible to continue running the Apollo app, explaining that doing so would cost him $20 million per year, money the app doesn’t earn.

Other third-party apps, such as Sync, RIF, and Reddplant, are also being shut down.

Since the AMA, some subreddits have stepped up their response.

Meanwhile, Reddit is laying off at least 90 employees and cutting new hires as part of restructuring plans to cut costs.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the layoffs will affect five percent of the company’s 2,000 workers.



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