‘Threat letter’ drafted in Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Maryam | The Express Tribune

PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz has said the “threat letter”, termed by Prime Minister Imran Khan as evidence of ‘foreign conspiracy’ against his government, was drafted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials.

“Letter was drafted in Ministry of Foreign Affairs… Pakistan’s ambassador to the US was abruptly transferred to Brussels a day before he [PM Imran] showed letter to the public,” she said while addressing a press conference in Lahore on Tuesday.

Maryam said PM Imran used the platform of National Security Committee (NSC) for political gains and misconstrued its communiqué.

“There is no mention of foreign conspiracy in the NSC official statement… Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials drafted this letter which was termed a diplomatic cable.”

While terming the letter ‘fake’, Maryam asked the premier to show it to public and also submit to the apex court.

“This is National Security Committee not Imran Bachao [protect] Committee,” she said while demanding the security agencies to clarify their position on the matter.

“The main player of this ‘letter-gate’ should be brought to Supreme Court,” she added.

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Responding to PM Imran’s allegations, Maryam said opposition leaders’ meetings with foreign diplomats is a routine matter and there is nothing unusual about them.

“When we meet with foreign diplomats we discuss matters of country’s interest… did you [PM Imran] not meet foreign diplomats in the past,” asked the PML-N leader while showing photo of PM Imran with foreign diplomat before he came into power.

Citing the results of a recent survey, Maryam said majority believed that the real reason for the PTI government’s ouster is inflation not any foreign conspiracy.

‘Farah is front person of Bani Gala’

Speaking about the first lady’s close friend, Farah Khan, Maryam said she fled the country in “burqa” with the “help” of PM Imran following the dissolution of the federal cabinet.

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“Farah is front person of Bani Gala [PM Imran’s residence]… make no mistake Farah was real chief minister of Punjab… all secrets will be unveiled before the nation soon,” she said accusing Farah Bibi of taking bribe for the transfers and postings of the officials in Punjab.

“They [PTI govt] dissolved the National Assembly because they knew that if any opposition party came into power it will hold them accountable for mega corruption scandals,” Maryam said.

The PML-N leader said PM Imran and his aides committed ‘high treason’ by dissolving the lower house of parliament.

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