‘TikTok is hardly a problem’: Ushna Shah on app facing multiple bans

Pakistani actress Ushna Shah believes that the government should rethink its priorities and solve issues that are prevalent in the country rather than ban social media apps like TikTok .

The Punjab Nahi Jaungi actress believed that serious issues like abuse and femicide are at the back burner while the government turns to banning social media apps in response to those issues. 

She added that instead of banning the app, which she believes gives users creative relief, the institutions should focus on making Pakistan a safe place for women.

“In a developing country like ours, serious prevalent problems existing in our society like safety of women, marginalized communities, and animal abuse are hardly focused on at institutional levels,” she said.

“TikTok is hardly a problem, if anything, it is a part of the solution providing people creative relief.”

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