TONIGHT’S EPISODE: Scandal – Thursday 26 August 2021 (E3897 S13)

Tonight’s episode of Scandal:

Aya discovers a secret that puts her life in grave danger. Quinton’s memory starts coming back, which spells trouble for Dintle.

Episode 3897, Season 13

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Next on Scandal

Everyone is striking deals and negotiating their future whilst an innocent life hangs in the balance. Mamba’s children prove they are his children when faced with a life or death situation.

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Scandal! is a South African television soap opera about the people who work for the fictitious newspaper based in Johannesburg (The Voice), with their pressurised deadlines and the chaos of breaking news.

The series first premiered on on Monday 10 January 2005, at 20h00.

Watch the latest episode on from Monday – Friday at 7:30 pm.

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