Top sci-fi movies and TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime in August

A veritable treasure trove of sci-fi is available to watch on Amazon Prime; much is free to view with your standard subscription and even more is available if you feel like paying a little more. So settle back and soak up some superb sci-fi from the safety of your sofa. 


1. Alien

The crew of the Nostromo commercial towing vehicle, Kane, Parker, Dallas, Brett, Ripley, Brett and Ash. (Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

Synopsis: The crew of a deep space commercial hauling ship is unwittingly re-routed while in hypersleep to investigate the origins of a mysterious transmission. Once awake, they travel to the surface of a desolate planet and discover a giant derelict spacecraft…and a thoroughly unpleasant alien parasite. Things get progressively worse after that.

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