Trump Blasted ‘Stupid’ Georgia Cowards For Not Tossing Vote For Him, Says Filmmaker

A documentary filmmaker with extraordinary access to Donald Trump before, during and after last year’s insurrection, aired a few more White House scenes from his film on CNN Saturday and revealed how Trump lambasted “stupid” officials in Georgia for not throwing out votes to help him stay in the Oval Office after the election.

Trump was “furious about the position he found himself in,” British filmmaker Alex Holder, who’s cooperating with the Jan. 6 House select committee, told Jim Acosta.

Trump told Holder there was “no way that guy” — Joe Biden —“got 80 million votes.” It could easily be straightened out with “signature verification,” Trump insisted, according to Holder, but “stupid” and cowardly Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) weren’t cooperating, he added.

“The sitting president of the United States [is] in the White House looking me in the eye, telling me that he actually won the 2020 election when in fact he didn’t,” said Holder, whose docuseries “Unprecedented” will be aired in the future on Discovery+.

Holder also aired scenes of Trump rallies with a journalist Anne Applebaum explaining about his supporters: “They thought because people showed up to their rallies that meant they were popular. The idea that other people might be sitting at home feeling differently about it seems not to have occurred to them.”

Another clip showed former First Daughter Ivanka Trump saying that “every last vote needs to be counted” — which would presumably show her dad as the real winner of the presidential election.

She was saying this after she said she believed former Attorney General William Barr’s assessment that Trump’s claims of a rigged election were “bullshit.” It was also after Trump wanted vote counting stopped once he was ahead on election night.

Another clip shows an off-the-rails Donald Trump Jr. at a rally calling for Trump supporters to “fight” to keep him in the White House and “make liberals cry.”

A final scene reveals Trump talking about the anger of his supporters on Jan. 6.

He never showed any remorse for what happened, Holder told Acosta.

Check it all out in the clip above.

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