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Trump Claims He’d Quit Twitter ‘If We Had Fair Press In This Country’

President Donald Trump really wants to quit Twitter, he claims, but he just … can’t.

The president admitted his lingering attraction to the social media platform to reporters on Thursday while signing an executive order designed to weaken legal protections for social media companies.

Trump signed the order a couple of days after Twitter appended fact-check links to his tweets claiming mail-in voting is rife with fraud.

Reporters watching the president sign the order attempted to ask a logical question: If you’re not happy with Twitter, why not just not use it?

The president claimed he really would put the kibosh on Twitter if he didn’t have to deal with unfair reporting by the press. 

The president also claimed that social media has “unchecked power” and is “beginning to editorialize.”

He then rhetorically asked, “Imagine if your phone company edited or silenced your conversations?”

Despite the president’s claims he really wants to get off Twitter, many users of the site were a tad skeptical.

Some people were especially amused by the president’s phone analogy.

And, yes, this meme popped up.

Some people tried to persuade the president to delete the app if only as an act of public service.

Although the president probably won’t delete the app, one person offered a solution for the rest of us.

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