Trump’s Bizarre Complaint That Mo Brooks ‘Went Woke’ Has People In Stitches

Commentators were baffled on Tuesday by the unfitting adjective former President Donald Trump selected to attack Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.).

Trump also cited Brooks’ performance in the race, claiming that the people of Alabama have “dropped him” because of his stance and that “now I have done so also.”

Brooks has hinged much of his campaigning on Trump’s endorsement, even changing his Twitter name to include that information. But the former president was reportedly aggrieved by Brooks’ remarks at a rally last year encouraging attendees to move on from the 2020 election. More than 16 months after the vote, Trump still insists, falsely, that the vote was fraudulent.

“There’s no one in Alabama with the brain size of a pea or larger who would believe that I’m a woke liberal,” Brooks told NBC News in response to Trump’s statement.

Brooks, a longtime Trump ally, spoke at the rally on Jan. 6, 2021, during which Trump fired up a crowd of supporters prior to the siege on the U.S. Capitol. Brooks reportedly cheered the rioters as they did so.

The congressman has quoted Hitler to attack opponents, accused Democrats of waging a “war on whites” and once said that Muslims want to kill every gay person in the country.

Twitter users and media figures were stunned by Trump’s definition of “woke” these days:

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