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TSA chief says biometrics could reduce travel stress

David Pekoske, head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), says facial recognition and biometric technology are here to stay and could actually reduce stress for passengers traveling on planes.

But is it more of a stress reducer for passengers, or is it a stress reducer for those at the TSA who are going through the ID check?


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Pekoske made his comments this week in Austin, Texas, home of the famous South by Southwest annual meeting, conference and celebration. The speech came as part of a panel on airport security backbone at the same time as the Federal Aviation Administration hosting a Security Summit in suburban Washington DC.

Pekoske said an increase in technology would further speed up security lines at airports.

“It is vitally important that this system has as little friction as possible, while providing safety and security,” he said, adding that the new technology the agency is using is more than 99 percent effective compared to technology used by the agency. TSA. just a few years ago. “We are updating our camera systems all the time, updating our lighting systems. We are updating our algorithms, so we are using the most advanced algorithms and technology that we can.”

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