Two regional trauma networks seek leads

The two clinical leads are required to work with team implementing trauma system for Ireland

Two Trauma Network Leads, one for the central region and the other for the south region, are being sought to work with the team to implement an inclusive trauma system for Ireland.

It is envisaged that the implementation of the system is to take between five and seven years to complete.

Cork has already been identified as a Level 1 major trauma centre (MTC) for the south.

But designation of an MTC and trauma units for the central region are awaited.

“Although the numbers of trauma cases in Ireland are unlikely to increase substantially in the coming years, the way in which trauma services are configured will change significantly with the implementation of the trauma system,” envisages a description of the service.

The new South and Central Trauma Networks clinical leads are to work with the National Clinical Lead and the trauma system implementation programme to establish the South and the Central Region networks, respectively.

The National Clinical Lead for Trauma Services, Mr Keith Synnott, appointed in July 2019, has led the development of a high-level approach for the multi-annual implementation of the trauma system.

An independent assessment panel submitted its recommendations on the designation of an MTC and trauma units, for the central region, to the Health Service Executive (HSE) earlier this year, which, in turn, is to make a recommendation to the Department of Health.

Recent responses from the Department of Health on when the designation is to go ahead have stated that: “The advice of the Independent Assessment Panel and the process for the HSE to make a recommendation to the Department of Health is well advanced.”

The assessment panel completed a series of site visits to the six hospitals identified as options for Ireland’s central MTC and Dublin’s major trauma units, as part of the assessment process.

The panel reviewed and scored the written proposals submitted by the six hospitals in line with the service specifications and assessment criteria, for the central region.

Trauma care for children is to be provided at the new children’s hospital which is to be the paediatric MTC.

The deadline for applications for both clinical lead posts is midday, Monday, June 22, 2020.

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