Two soldiers in Syria injured by suspected Israeli airstrikes

Two soldiers in Syria were wounded by alleged Israeli airstrikes Monday evening. 

The incidents occurred around 7:16 pm local time in central Syria and along its Mediterranean coast. Unidentified posts were targeted, resulting in injuries to two soldiers and material damage. The Syrian military claimed to down most of the missiles, Syria’s official news outlet SANA reported

The pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that the strikes targeted Syrian military and allied Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah forces outside the central city of Homs. The pro-Hezbollah Lebanese news outlet Al-Akhbar reported that the Israeli planes flew over Lebanon. 

Syria regularly accuses Israel of conducting airstrikes throughout its territory, though Israel rarely confirms this. There have been several reported strikes recently, some of them deadly. On Oct. 14, a Syrian soldier was killed in a suspected Israeli aerial attack. Syria also reported Israeli airstrikes on Oct. 30 and Nov. 3. 

Israel is concerned with the Iranian and allied military presence in Syria, including that of the Lebanese paramilitary group Hezbollah. Iranian forces were forced to reposition in Syria early this year due to the frequent Israeli attacks. Some of the airstrikes have also targeted the Syrian military

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