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UK to launch new health program to combat child malnutrition in Timor-Leste – Timor-Leste

Minister for the Indo-Pacific, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, will visit Timor-Leste from 29 September to 2 October to launch a UK and UNICEF program to combat child malnutrition.

  • UK to boost health collaboration with Timor-Leste with launch of new health program between UK and UNICEF

  • Minister for the Indo-Pacific, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, will reiterate the UK’s support for Timor-Leste’s upcoming accession to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

  • She will also attend a UN Women event, made possible by British ASEAN funding, to promote women’s participation in security, conflict resolution and development policy.

To enhance collaboration between the UK and Timor-Leste on health and development, UK Minister for the Indo-Pacific, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, will arrive in Timor-Leste today (Friday 29 September) for a visit of three days. The visit will be the first by a UK minister since Timor-Leste gained independence in 2002.

Minister Trevelyan will hold high-level talks with his Timorese counterparts, including President Ramos-Horta, Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao and Foreign Minister Bendito dos Santos Freitas. Discussions will focus on opportunities to deepen cooperation between the two countries on health and development, including through a UK-UNICEF Health Program to help combat child malnutrition which the Minister will launch during the visit. she.

Supported by £1 million of UK Government funding, the program will train community volunteers and establish support groups to encourage and advise parents on healthy eating practices.

Minister Trevelyan will also attend an event on Women in Leadership jointly organized by the Government of Timor-Leste and UN Women. This event is supported by UK funding to UN Women, part of a wider £3.2 million UK-ASEAN program announced earlier this year. The program will promote the role of women in peace and security initiatives across Southeast Asia.

The visit comes in an important year for Timor-Leste as it joins the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the region’s main political and economic bloc. Minister Trevelyan will reiterate the UK’s continued support for Timor-Leste’s accession, as the UK becomes an ASEAN Dialogue Partner in 2021. Southeast Asia is a global center of economic growth and prosperity, and the UK’s commitment as ASEAN Dialogue Partner supports Prime Minister The minister’s priority is to grow the economy.

Ahead of the visit, Anne-Marie Trevelyan said:

“As an ASEAN dialogue partner, the UK continues to work closely with partners across Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific to ensure sustainable peace and prosperity in the region and address the challenges of the future.

“On my first visit to Timor-Leste, I look forward to discussing opportunities to enhance our bilateral relationship and collaboration on shared health and development priorities.

“We remain steadfast in our support for Timor-Leste’s accession to ASEAN as a key partner on the global stage.

The UK’s increased engagement with Timor-Leste demonstrates its long-term commitment to the Indo-Pacific region, in line with the Integrated Review Update published in March 2023.

In addition to development cooperation, the UK is supporting Timor-Leste to maintain regional stability, and the Royal Navy ship HMS Spey will visit Dili in August 2023.

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