Veena Malik’s former husband Asad Khattak served Rs500m legal notice

A legal notice of  Rs500 million has been sent from film and TV actress  Veena Malik to her former husband Asad Khattak.

The conflict between Veena and Asad is now at its peak, with both trading accusations.

The text of the legal notice sent to Asad by Veena says that he is “deliberately defaming her” and she lawfully brought her children to Pakistan.

It was further said in the notice that Asad is misquoting the order issued by a local court of Dubai.

Veena asked Asad to share the court’s complete order on social media.

According to the legal notice,  Veena Malik ‘s reputation was damaged  for which  Asad has been asked by Veena to  come out on media and social media and apologise within 90 days.

She said that in case Asad does not apologise, then a defamation case  would be filed against him.

It may be recalled that Veena married businessman Asad Bashir Khan Khattak in December 2013 in Dubai.

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