Victorian community divided over new resident seal

A small Victorian community is divided over whether a seal squatting at the local boat ramp should be allowed to stay or be given the boot.

The slippery animal took up residence on the boat ramp in St Leonards, near Geelong, three or four weeks ago, according to locals.

Some residents believe the seal should be allowed to snooze where it likes while others are unhappy about it blocking the boat ramp.

The seal has been squatting on a boat ramp in St Leonards. (9News)

Local resident Jamie Micallef was at the boat ramp earlier this week attempting to launch his boat when his daughter screamed at him to stop.

He said the seal came between him and his daughter causing a short “standoff”.

“I’ve went to go grab her and he came up aggressively and tried to attack me,” Mr Micallef said.

“It’s tried to attack us it came between us and we couldn’t do anything.”

Victorian community divided by seal squatting on boat ramp.
Locals are divided over the creature’s new home. (9News)

His daughter, Sadie, said the seal kept barking at her during the interaction.

Mr Micallef is one of the residents who believe the seal should be moved along.

“It’s a menace like it’s actually dangerous.”

Meanwhile, other residents have become fond of the new tourist attraction in the seaside town.

“He’s gorgeous, love him he’s just beautiful,” one woman told 9News.

“It’s really great to see him owning the space.”

Victorian community divided by seal squatting on boat ramp.
Some fishermen want the animal gone. (9News)

Local Ian Parsons said the community does need to be aware of the danger of the seal and instead “admire from afar”.

“I think it’s a wild animal we’ve been kept aware of the potential danger of getting too close because it will get aggressive,” Mr Parsons said.

Locals believe the seal may have been injured and that’s why he’s parked himself here.

Another theory is the seal may have easy access to food and scraps at the ramp.

Seal takes up residence on boat ramp in Victorian town.
Locals are enamoured by the creature living on the ramp. (9News)

Some people have taken to naming their newest resident.

“There are a few names flying around on Facebook like Murphy or Malcolm,” one woman said.

Another woman believed the seal should be named Squid or Sunny since the creature is always sunbaking.

Signs have been installed at the ramp to warn people about approaching the seal and tape has been placed across the ramp.

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