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Video: Cooking Class | Zac Posen

Hi, I’m Zac Posen. Welcome to my New York City apartment. This is my dog, Tsuki. Today, we’re going to be cooking uni pasta.” [MUSIC PLAYING] I’ve definitely been inspired by food throughout my career, as well as mother nature. I’ve made many pieces that have embroidery that remind me of sea urchin. Most recently for 3D printed elements that were embroidery on Deepika’s Met Gala gown. I had this dish on my first trip to Sardinia. It was delicious, and it became a quest how to perfect it myself. This creature is an uni in the shell. This is uni out of the shell, and how you’ll use it for the recipe. For the recipe, you’re going to need dry spaghetti, shelled uni, unsalted butter, cayenne pepper, sea salt, chives, extra virgin olive oil, heavy cream, fresh ground black pepper. I think it’s really important and fun to bring joy to the kitchen, and have a really great playlist. And my list is super eclectic. So the first step is we’re going to make the sauce, and it all happens in a blender. You’re going to collect your uni, and you’re going to put that in the blender. Add your olive oil, the heavy cream, salt, and our two peppers. Time to blend. You want to blend this until really smooth. It only takes about a minute or two, at the max. So then you’re going to add your chives. And you’re going to save a little bit to sprinkle on top. [MUSIC PLAYING] When your water comes to a rapid boil, time to add the pasta. And we have about 1 pound of pasta here. So I love collecting spices, and really one of my favorite places in the world is here in New York City. It’s a place called Kalustyan’s. I love recipes. I love cookbooks. My dad saved every clipping from The New York Times growing up. Wonderful cookbook. Mastering the Art of French Cooking. You’re going to want to add your butter on very low just so it melts, and add 3/4 of a cup of the pasta water to that, and that’s what you’re going to add your pasta to before you add the uni sauce. So you’re going to add the pasta water to the butter, and then you’re going to add the pasta. And you’re going to want to toss it quickly just so that the butter coats, so that it doesn’t stick together. Turn the heat off, so then our beautiful uni sauce. And you want to work quickly, and you want to serve this pretty quickly after you’re done cooking it because you don’t want the uni, which is basically egg, to congeal. A really nice way to serve pasta is to nest it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Beautiful nest. Top it with your fresh cut chives. Serve it right away, and you’re ready for a delicious meal of uni pasta. Buon appetito. This is— I’m looking for Sigourney Weaver in there.

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