VIDEO: Rajinikanth gets an ode from Singaporean rapper Yung Raja


VIDEO: Rajinikanth gets an ode from Singaporean rapper Yung Raja

Singaporean rapper Yung Raja has paid an ode to superstar Rajinikanth through his new single, titled ‘Spice Boy’. “Rajinikanth has been my idol all through my growing-up years. He’s such a legend world over and I wanted to give an ode of sorts to him and celebrate his supremacy in my music video and for as long as I’m creating, I’ll look back to the moments he has given me as inspiration – his style mainly, and as inimitable as it is, I belong to the generation of fans that have his swagger permanently etched in our minds,” Yung Raja said.

Ahead of the release of the video, he had shared a clip of Rajinikanth and wrote, “SPICE BOY….3 DAYS.”

Earlier, he had shared a picture of Rajinikanth and called him an influence. He wrote, “there are no words that can fully explain the influence of superstar rajinikanth…… but all I can say is that there can never be another Thalaivar!!!!!!!!!! Swipe up to see 5 year old me…pakka fan boy, used to watch Arunachalam and Padayappa almost daily. Dedicating this to all thalaivar fans!!!! LONG LIVE THE GOAT “

‘Spice Boy’ is a playful exploration of South Asian distinctions embedded in cheeky nods towards Western hip-hop culture, all unified by his radical bilingual wordplay. Basically, it is an amalgamation of English and Tamil languages. Produced by Flightsch and RIIDEM, the hip-hop track is now available on all audio streaming platforms.

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