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Video Shows Emu Dodging Traffic, Running Away From Cops In Houston

A flightless bird was stuck using its two feet as it darted through traffic during an escape in Houston, Texas.

Police said they responded to a “traffic hazard” when residents spotted an emu roaming the city’s streets on Thursday, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Drivers in the area, including Twitter user @RatchetNerd_, shared clips of the emu – mistaken for an ostrich but smaller – as it paraded through the city.

The video shows the emu running through an intersection and toward oncoming traffic as it dodged vehicles.

You can watch the Twitter user’s clip below.

Another clip, originally posted by Facebook user Yvette Justice Fleming and shared by Houston news station KTRK-TV, shows the emu leading police cars on a chase.

“Uh oh, he’s taking off running. He’s moving now. What on Earth,” Fleming said in the video.

“Who in the world? What the? Are you? Y’all that is crazy to me.”

Police were eventually able to get the emu and return it to its owner, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The emu isn’t the only animal making a surprise cameo in Houston this week.

The emu chase comes days after a doorbell camera captured a group of cows moseying through a Houston neighborhood, KHOU-TV reported.

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