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VIDEO: Surfing brings risk, pleasure to Gaza

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Surfing is an enjoyable sport for many young people in Gaza who go to the beach almost every day during summer when the weather allows it. Some also practice during winter when the waves are higher and the adventure more intense. However, Israel bans the import of winter surfing suits and surfboards, for no apparent reason.

Ahmed Abu Hasira has been surfing since 1998 with one of his friends and considers it to be a fun sport. 

“Many young Gazans are fans, but we lack the winter suits for surfing in cold weather. Although it is during winter that surfing becomes more adventurous. Israel allowed 25 surfboards into Gaza and then stopped allowing them in. Our boards are now worn out and not very usable,” Abu Hasira said.

“We also don’t get to participate in surfing tournaments abroad, as it is very difficult for us to complete travel procedures on time. This is what happened to me when I got an invitation to a competition in Morocco. I couldn’t make it,” he added.

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