Vikas Guppta reveals he is bisexual, shares an emotional video


In his latest Instagram post, Vikas Guppta revealed that he is bisexual.

Vikas Guppta, in his latest social media post, shared he is bisexual. “Hi Just wanted to let you know a tiny detail about me. I fall in love with the human regardless of their gender. There r more like me. With #Pride I am Bisexual #VikasGupta PS No more being blackmailed or bullied #priyanksharma #ParthSamthaan ThankU for forcing me to come out,” the TV producer and the former Bigg Boss contestant wrote on Twitter. Vikas participated in Bigg Boss 11 and was among the top three finalists.

On Instagram, Vikas shared a long note along with a video. The producer said that it has been years of torture and humiliation for him and now he won’t be ashamed and bullied. He further wrote that his family left him but he won’t write anything against them. Accusing actors Parth Samthaan and Priyank Sharma of  “doing terrible things”, Vikas wrote that he won’t get involved in mudslinging.

“My coming Out – #vikasgupta Here I am , how I am – Standing tall and I will not be shamed bullied or blackmailed for what God has made me . It has been years of torture and humiliation and hiding my emotions but that has not stopped me from being a good human being who is constantly evolving. I have made mistakes and I will continue to do so but I am learning and not repeating,” he wrote.

“My family has left me for what ever reason they want to give but I will not Bring shame to Them by putting details of it both #parthsamthaan and #priyanksharma have done terrible things but I will not shame them either of what all has happened cause mud slinging is what one of them loves. I spoke today because they pushed me to this extend .I will put one last post after both have spoken. To give what is needed for people to know the truth. After which they can do and keep doing what they want to,” he added.

“As for my mom , I love you even if you don’t love me anymore. My siblings who I have brought so much shame to, seeing you makes me swell with pride and my friends who don’t find me kool anymore thankyou for being good to me when ever you were,” Vikas Guppta wrote.

Vikas thanked Karan Kundra, Ekta Kapoor for supporting him despite knowing his sexuality. He expressed his gratitude towards those who stood by his side throughout his journey. “I am thankful #karankundra undra for all these years even after knowing about my sexuality you chose to stand by me even though people would gossip about u too but you dint leave my side and was there like an older brother protecting me . M for making me realise it’s okay And Ekta di for the only one who has been there no matter what and I will be there no matter what Gayu Maam Thanku for the call yesterday,” a part of his caption read.

“This is what came out of it #Lostsouls I have a family. Thankyou for taking care of me,” Vikas Guppta concluded.

Earlier, in an Instagram post, he called out names from the TV industry who made his life hell by levelling accusations against him. He alleged that actors Parth Samthaan, Shilpa Shinde and Priyank Sharma tried to destroy his career.

Vikas wrote, “This is what made something snap on me . To call out to the evil people who have made my life a hell everyday. From spreading rumours about me to accusing me of killing a boy , too randomly making allegation of molestation to destroying careers .I am calling out to these people one by one and if this is true I deserve to be jail and if it’s not then what . What do these people get for making my life a living hell for the last few years . Form to the police . Only defamation charges that also fight the case #vikasgupta #Shilpashinde #priyanksharma #parthsamthaan I won’t even mentions the other names because they are doing it to get famous at expense of ruining me. Before you all decide to torture me to this extend i will make sure you all are unmasked so you can never hurt anyone else.”

Vikas’ hard-hitting video came a couple of days after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The Bollywood actor was found dead at his Bandra residence on June 14. The post mortem reports state that the cause of his death is asphyxia due to hanging.




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