WA officials warn residents to brace for ‘rare, dynamic’ storm system

Western Australians have been told to stay inside and brace themselves for a once-in-a-decade weather event as ex-tropical cyclone Mangga reaches the west coast today.

Meteorologists are predicting large parts of the state will be affected by severe and dangerous weather conditions including wind gusts of up to 130km/h.

Up to 100ml of rain is expected to fall along the west coast, while tides are predicted to swell before reaching a peak of eight metres tomorrow.

“This is a rare event for WA due to the extent of the area affected by severe conditions and also the possible areas of really quite dangerous weather,” Bureau of Meteorology WA State Manager James Ashley said.

“The worst of the weather is expected this evening, right through the night and into tomorrow morning.”

Department of Fire and Emergency Services Chief Superintendent Danny Mosconi said it was now too late for people to prepare their homes and they needed to stay inside.

“Stay indoors whereever possible and be mindful of any debris like falling branches,” he said.

“Do not go out on the water on Sunday or Monday or you will be risking not only your life but the lives of marine rescue volunteers who will be called upon to help you.”

In the state’s capital Perth, northerly damaging winds are not expected to ease until tomorrow afternoon, and 30-40mm of rainfall is expected.

“Rainfall with be widespread across the state with isolated falls from the Kimberley to Karratha up to around 100mm, and rainfalls on the south over 50mm, and that will extend inland up to 10-20 mm or more,” Mr Ashley said.

“The winds will build up the seas against the coast and a storm tide is expected which can be particularly dangerous and could flood low lying coastal areas.

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