Want to beat the relentless heat, watch this teacher’s video for a few tips

As people across the country struggle under rising temperatures, a teacher in Bihar has taken up an engaging way to educate his students about the precautions to be taken during the heatwave.

In a video, that is now going viral on social media, the unidentified teacher can be heard reciting an educational poem with the word “loo” or the dry, dusty summer wind written boldly in Hindi on a blackboard.

The teacher, who is seen wearing a string of two water bottles across his neck, animatedly says, “Jab dhoop rahe khoob tej, toh bahar na jana. Khud ko rakhna ghar mai sahej, ki bahar na jana”. The line roughly translates as “When the sun is beating harshly outside, one should stay inside. One should preserve their energy by staying in their homes”.

He further talks about the worrying state of the weather and says, “Garm hawaein bhi chalne lagi hain, lagta hai dharti bhi jalne lagi hai (Hot winds have started blowing, it feels like the earth is also burning)”.

Advising his students to stay well-fed and hydrated by consuming water-rich fruits, he says, “Bhookhe kabhi na tum school aao, kakri-kharbooje ka bhog lagao (Never come to school on an empty stomach, eat fruits like cucumber and muskmelon).”

Throughout the teacher’s performance, the students watch him with rapt attention and burst into applause periodically.

The video was shared on Twitter by Utkarsh Singh on Saturday. So far, the video has gathered over 99,000 views and thousands of likes.

In the last week of April, several places in the country logged all-time high temperatures for the month as the day temperatures rose to 46-47 degrees Celsius under the impact of the heatwave.

Northwest and Central India experienced the hottest April in 122 years with the average maximum temperature touching 35.9 degrees Celsius and 37.78 degrees Celsius respectively due to scanty rains amid feeble western disturbances, said the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

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