WATCH: ‘A reptile imitated my husband and tried to have sex with me’

This is not a typo: A pastor and author has shocked people by claiming that an alien, which actually turned out to be a reptile, imitated her husband and tried to have sex with her. Sharon Gilbert, an American host, made the shocking claim on Tuesday, 22 November when appearing on controversial preacher Jim Bakker’s online show.

According to Gilbert, this jawdroppingly surreal occurrence came just after she had gotten married to her husband, Derek, who also featured in the episode.

“After Derek and I got married…one night, this other Derek appears in our bed,” begins Gilbert.

“The real Derek is lying down next to me. The other Derek sits right up out of it. It startled me. I knew that was not Derek. So I asked this critter: ‘Who are you?’ because he clearly wanted to have sexual relations. He said ‘come on, I’m your husband.’ I said ‘who are you?’ and he had the nerve to claim to be Ahasuerus – Xerses [the fourth King of Kings of the Achaemenid Empire who ruled from 486 to 465 BC],” she added.


Sharon Gilbert says this creature masquerading as her husband clearly wanted to use her “free will to pull me away from God” – she says after asking it numerous times who it was and where it came from, she reached up and grabbed its face. She pulled the face and beneath it was a reptile.

“He had little creatures with him this time, he brought these little halfling creatures and they looked like, gargoyles and they were very reptilian as well. Beneath the face of Derek was a reptilian serpentine creature.”

Author and Preacher Sharon Gilbert

There has been a flood of reactions to the clip – with many poking fun at Gilbert’s outrageous story. One Twitter user reckons the pastor had probably cheated on her husband and was now making up a wild excuse in the name of Christianity.

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