Watch: Beachgoers in Spain help nab suspect after ‘drug boat’ chase

Beachgoers in Spain found themselves in an unexpected situation when a pair of alleged drug smugglers deboarded at a beach in the southern province of Granada after their boat ran aground.

According to a Guardian report, the chase began on Saturday evening when the maritime police spotted the boat off Melicena beach. As the police began following the suspicious boat, it headed, in full tilt, towards the crowded beach.

A video of the incident, which was recorded by those present at the beach, was later posted on social media by the official account of the National Court. “Thanks to citizen collaboration, the Maritime Service and Citizen Security of the @Civil Guard from Granada manage to stop the drug traffickers of a narcolancha. Thank you all, because, without you, it would not be possible.”

Watch the video here:

In the 1.58-minute clip, the boat, which is seen approaching the beach, triggers panic as it nearly crushes a bather. Moments later, two men carrying bags in their hands are seen trying to flee the spot as police sirens blare in the background.

However, their attempt to run away is disrupted by the beachgoers, who quickly surround one of the two men and pin him down. The man is then taken away by the police.

“He was like an animal that had been let out of the cage,” a bystander told news agency Atlas, the news website reported. “He didn’t know which way to go because he was surrounded on all sides.” The second man was later detained nearby, the report added.

Since being shared online, the video has triggered several reactions among netizens with many lauding the beachgoers for their prompt response.

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