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Watch Fox News Try and Fail to Get Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Endorse Trump

Governor of Arkansas Sara Huckabee Sanders (R) repeatedly refused to endorse donald trumpthird candidacy for the presidency in an interview in Fox News on Monday.

Instead, the former Trump White House press secretary, whose two-year tenure in office was characterized by her selling the falsehoods of the then president and defense of his scandalous comments), went on a tangent promoting his work in his state.

Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich first asked Sanders when he was going to “endorse someone in 2024.”

Sanders responded: “Look, my focus has been on being governor of Arkansas. I’ve only been in office about nine months and I really wanted to put my head down and focus on the things that were impacting our state. We just came out of our first regular session and special session about a week ago.”

Trump will likely be the nominee and “it’s the best chance” the party has next year, he said.

Co-host John Roberts asked the same question differently. He named Republican governors who back Trump and asked, “Why not join the group?”

Sanders stated that his “focus is on Arkansas” and said he would “make that decision when it makes sense.”

“Is there anyone else you would support?” Roberts asked.

“I’ve only been governor for about 15 minutes,” Sanders responded, again deflecting the question. “We have been able to achieve a big and amazing transformational change for our state. We will continue to do so over the course of the coming months.”

Heinrich asked if Trump had “pressured him on anything to get behind him.”

“Look, I love the president, I still have a great relationship with him, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon,” Sanders responded.

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