Watch #PawriHoriHai girl Dananeer Mobeen’s reaction when she ate paan for the 1st time

Dananeer Mobeen. Photo: Instagram.

Pakistani social media influencer Dananeer Mobeen recently tried a paan (betel quid) for the first time in her life during her visit to Karachi.

In an Instagram video, which was uploaded to the video-and-photo-sharing platform by journalist Maliha Rehman, Dananeer could be seen sitting with her sister, Nafayal.

The two girls sat in an open-air restaurant and someone could be heard asking them to rate the taste of the paan.

“The girls from Islamabad trying out some paan for the first time in Karachi,” the caption of the video read.

As the two girls took a bite of the paan after saying “bismillah,” a person could be heard warning them “not to faint,” and asked the girls if the paan tasted strange.

“It’s a good [kind of] strange,” said Dananeer.

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