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We’re Still Obsessed With Finding ‘The One’ And Netflix Knows It

Is there such a thing as The One? It’s an age-old question posed by the polished new Netflix show of the same name about a dating world where DNA pairing offers the answer to finding your ideal romantic pairing, too.

Based on John Marrs’ 2017 novel, The One is an eight-parter that pivots around CEO Rebecca Webb, whose matchmaking service is based on DNA science. “We deserve the fairytale,” she tells a rapt audience at the start. “No one has to settle anymore. I have loaded the dice, everyone gets to roll a six.”

This being a thriller, and a dark one at that, the fairytale soon turns for several central characters.

The quest for a perfect match isn’t new to TV, of course, propelling the plots of countless rom coms, dating reality shows, and dramas. (Nor is fiddling with DNA to achieve implausible results unprecedented – Jurassic Park, anyone?). In Amazon Prime’s parallel sci-fi serial, Soulmates, the discovery of a “soul particle” also enables a test people can take to find their perfect partner.

Howard Overman, creator of The One and sci-fi E4 comedy-drama, Misfits, before it, says he was already curious about the rise of genetic-based dating apps before he read Marrs’ book, “and even though I’m a bit of a luddite”.

And it seems audiences are hooked, too, with the show tending top of Netflix with UK viewers a week after release.

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